If you are surveying which drone to buy, you will definitely come across both the term FPV and DJI. So what are the differences between both? Which one should you buy?

In general, FPV drones allow one to fly in first person view as if he is on the drone, while DJI is a brand of camera and FPV drones. People buy FPV for its customizability and the need for speed; while DJI drones are good for video recording, and those who prefer a hassle free experience.

Let’s drill in further for more details so that you can make a more informed decision.

Level of Customization

FPV drones are fully customizable
FPV drones are fully customizable

Most FPV drones are fully customizable. You can change the motors, propellers, flight controllers, and even build your own drones

The level of customization is what makes hobbyists enjoy FPV so much. You can make your FPV drone more powerful, fly further, increase the flight time, and more.

On the other hand, DJI drones are built as it is. You can’t modify it. The only customization that you can do is perhaps painting it, and that’s all.

Warranty Coverage

DJI drones come with a warranty. The warranty covers any faults to most components of your drone (terms and conditions applied), except the propellers and accessories. The warranty typically lasts for 12 months, depending on the parts involved. 

With a warranty, you don’t have to worry about fixing any faulty components. DJI will do that for you.

In contrast, warranty for FPV drones generally cover manufacturing defects only. Since most pilots go all out with their FPV drones, it makes sense that FPV drones manufacturers cover only manufacturing defects.

After-Sales Customer Service

DJI offers good after-sales customer service. If you encounter any issues, whether it is regarding the product, or your own issue (eg. you can’t get the drone to do certain things), you just need to contact DJI, and they will answer your queries.

With FPV drones, you are really on your own! Luckily, there are subreddits that you can join, and ask for help from the community. You will also need to rely on blogs and Youtube to find solutions.

Repairing the Drone

If you need to fix a DJI drone that is damaged from a crash, you can send it to the service center and get someone to repair it. With FPV drones, you’ll have to repair it by yourself.

Repairing your drone by yourself sounds like a hassle for some people, especially if you aren’t familiar with drone parts. 

But, many pilots prefer to repair their drone by themselves because it is faster than sending it to a service center. This is true especially for minor repairs.

For instance, changing a motor takes 10-15 minutes. But if you need to send it to a service center, expect weeks before you can get it back!

Before I forget, attempting to repair a DJI drone by yourself may void the warranty.

Insurance Coverage

DJI Care covers your drone's repairing costs.
DJI Care covers your drone’s repairing costs.

Drones are expensive. You might want to insure your drone in case there is an accident that caused damage to your drone.

DJI provides what they call DJI Care, which is effectively insurance. With DJI care, the cost for repairing in the event of an accident, is covered. It even covers replacement if you lose your drone mid-flight, or if your drone is trashed from a crash.

Other FPV drones don’t have such privileges due to the way it flies: fast and furious. 

Video Quality

DJI drones are specialized in video quality. The video quality of a DJI drone is way better than that of an FPV drone. If your main intention is to take good videos with your drone, DJI drones are a good option.

Speed and Maneuverability

Hobbyists buy FPV drones mainly to enjoy the thrill from flying fast and making incredible aerial tricks. The adrenaline rush from this may not suit everyone.

If you want to enjoy flying fast, an FPV drone suits you more. But if you just want a more laid-back flight style, get a DJI drone.

User Friendliness

All DJI drones are user friendly. They come with features like hold position and altitude, return home and obstruction detection, which is really useful for beginners.

All those functions and features are clearly written down in the user manual. You just have to find out the right button to press.

In contrast, most FPV drones do not come with those features. In fact, it is more difficult to control an FPV drone, making crashing more likely than a DJI drone.

On top of that, you need to learn how to configure your FPV drone by yourself. That includes assigning which is the arm button, or which is the throttle stick etc. That sounds daunting isn’t it?

Final Words

FPV drones are essentially a different category of drones from DJI drones. The former focus on speed, while the latter focus on video and peace of mind. You’ll have to decide which one suits you better.

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If you want to experience the immersive FPV experience, while enjoying the peace of mind elements, you might want to consider getting DJI FPV (GetFPV | Banggood). You can also read my review on DJI FPV.